Friday, January 25, 2008


Reporter: Bettie Cross
Last Update: 8:16 am

What it takes to be able to vote for president may be changing.

Friday, the State House Elections Committee will host a public hearing on whether or not Texas needs stricter voter identification requirements.

This action comes about six weeks before the March 4th presidential primary.

With so much interest in the Democratic and Republican candidates, changing the rules about what it takes to be able to cast a ballot is getting a lot of attention.

Right now, Texas voters only have to show their voter registration card at their polling place. These changes could make voters show their ID along with their voter registration card.

Supporters of the stricter identification rules say they're needed to keep non-citizens from voting.

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst says the changes would help prevent fraudulent use of someone else's registration to vote in someone else's place or vote multiple times.

But Democrats aren't happy with the proposal. They want Texas lawmakers to avoid placing more obstacles between people and the polls.

Opponents of the stricter voter ID requirements say if voters are asked to show various forms of ID at the polls, minorities, in particular, are less likely to cast ballots.

Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick says voter fraud has been increasing throughout the country. He says more has to be done to ensure that only U.S. citizens who are Texas residents are voting in Texas elections.

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